Former Group Members

Brenna Turnbull (Undergraduate Student)

  • Current Position: Graduate student at University of Houston, Texas

Gracie Chaney (PhD Graduate 2022: “Simulating Li-ion Batteries and Beyond: Developing Electrode Materials for Next-Generation Batteries“)

  • Current Position: Computational Material Scientist at CEA Grenoble in France, focusing on solid state electrolytes

Daniel Wines (PhD Graduate 2022: “Beyond DFT: Accurately Engineering the Properties of 2D Materials for Energy and Device Applications“)

  • Current Position: NRC postdoc at National Institute of Standards and Technology

Ellen Gulian (Undergraduate Student)

  • Current Position: Physics PhD Student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Jaron Kropp (PhD Graduate 2020: “Investigations of Two-Dimensional Materials for Next-Generation Electronic Devices”)

  • Current Position: Cleanroom Deposition Engineer at Army Research Lab (ARL)

Dr. Fatih Ersan (Postdoctoral Associate 2018-2019)

  • Current Position: Associate Professor at Adnan Menderes University, Turkey (Physics Department)

Dr. Amit Patel (Visiting Scientist 2018)

Thomas Hyatt (Undergraduate Student 2017-2018)

Joshua Richards (Undergraduate Student)

Cory Nunn (Rotation Student 2018)

Brendan Richards (Rotation Student 2019)

Zeynep Yalcin (High School Student 2018)