Group Photos

STEAM Lab group dinner, Spring 2024 (Reo, Akram, Dr. Ataca, Abdallah)

STEAM Lab group meeting, Fall 2021 (Akram, Gracie, Brenna, Yelda, Daniel and Dr. Ataca)

STEAM Lab group lunch, Fall 2021 (Daniel, Gracie, Brenna, Dr. Ataca, Akram, Yelda)


SCAN Density Functional workshop 2019 at Temple University (Daniel, Gracie, Jaron, Dr. Ataca, Fatih)

APS March Meeting 2020 in Denver, canceled due to Covid-19….group trip to Red Rocks Amphitheater! (Dr. Ataca, Daniel and Gracie)

STEAM Lab group photo to commemorate the NSF funding award 2018 (Fatih, Dr. Ataca, Gracie, Jaron and Daniel), Photo by Marlayna Demond

APS March Meeting 2019 in Boston (Fatih and Gracie)

APS March Meeting 2019 in Boston (Gracie)